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Heavyweights Banned, Oblivion, Nemesis & Air
post Aug 24 2006, 6:51 PM
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Well I was more wondering that if there's a known problem with the restraints at the moment, and that problem is fixable then maybe the recommendations by Maurer Sohne are a temporary measure, more than the sign being temporary, that just added a little more weight to that possibility however unlikely.

What was the problem with the restraints on Dragon's Fury anybody know?

If it's a defect from the manufacturing process or inherent in the design that was previously unknown that has caused these extra restrictions I think I'd be pushing for some kind of rebate on the overall cost of the ride if I were Tussauds.

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post Aug 24 2006, 6:53 PM
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Or maybe because it's been marketed as a "family coaster" they can't turn around and say "This rugby team was very disappointed when none of them could get on the ride."


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post Aug 24 2006, 8:23 PM
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I'm sure the National Rugby Playing Family Fun Club of East Anglia won't be too pleased put it that way tongue.gif
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wrexham fan
post Feb 26 2007, 2:40 AM
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Dragging a thread back from the dead-a-rama!

QUOTE (wrexham fan @ May 24 2004, 12:56 PM) *
im a fat bar steward also...but its not my fat gut that makes it difficult on air for me, its my huge muscular legs....

i have no problems on nemmy/'bliv/ripsaw/submission etc.....

Nearly three years on, and all has changed for me :crying:

I squeezed into the slightly bigger seat on air last season...just.
Nemmy is a squeeze now and require assistance from an assistant, so I usually ride row 4 for comfort.
Oblivion is crap so don't tend to ride anyway...but when I did last season I just about got in the wide boy seat wacko.gif
Ripsaw and Submission I don't even bother trying.
Oh, and I can't ride Spinball anymore due to the weight limit...

I think I might go for a run tomorrow...
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post May 19 2011, 12:36 PM
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Hello all!

It's been a while since this topic has been written in but I'm sure this information would prove valuable to those in the same boat as I was in

After reading on line as I'm sure any bigger person like myself would, I was a bit nervous about fitting into some of the seats on the rides, but I figured I'd try to get on them all anyway

I'm a bigger chap, went to Alton Towers and here is my experience of some of the rides!
I'd say im about a 49 inch chest.

Here is a list of the rides and the outcomes for me!

Nemesis - Went on this 3 times, first time I was on the front row, managed to squeeze in with the help of a friend pushing down hard on the bars we managed to get the buckle in. Second time I was politely asked by the young lad there if I could move to row 4, which has the bigger seats on and that was much more comfortable and closed with room to spare. Third time I made a beeline for the 4th row bigger seat straight away, I would say an even bigger person could fit in that seat as I had plenty of room.

Air - Tried the tester seat with a friend, we managed to get it down we thought enough, however when it came to the actual ride, the Attendant was unable to get it down a satisfied amount so he politely informed me I couldn't ride. He then informed me that Nemesis and Oblivion had larger seats that could accommodate me. My first walk of shame.

The Blade - No problems here, the bar came down a little tight, but that's to be expected for a person with a big belly like myself.

Thirteen - Got in fine, the bar came down just fine, an attendant came and asked if it was alright to give me a little extra push so that the safety system was satisfied so he did and all was well, It wasn't even uncomfortable.

Enterprise - No problem at all here, I imagine most people could get on here without an issue.

Oblivion - Having been told by the chap on Air about the bigger seats here, It was just a matter of asking an attendant, Unlike Nemesis which has a bigger seat on every 4th row, It appears that for some reason Oblivion isn't the same, The bigger seats are only on some of the carriages and the ones that have them they are on the front row 4th seat in. You just need to mention to an assistant that you require one and he'll call you and whoever you're with up and one arrives. you'll take priority over the other riders it seems as well, to get the bigger seat I mean. And once in the bigger seat it was plenty big enough which much more room.

Rita - again, the tester seat proved to not be quite right. After queuing (albeit not for that long) when we got up to the ride the assistant just couldn't get the bar down and thus began my second walk of shame.

Ripsaw - Yet another ride that couldn't accommodate me, however the assistant quietly informed me before I walked up to get on the ride that it would not, I thanked him and he opened a side gate for me to avoid any embarrassed. I can imagine that the fact that this particular ride is so much on display, a lot of people would be seeing you if you couldn't fit and were asked to get off. On an extra note, even my friends who aren't even overweight said it was a very uncomfortable ride and very tight restraints. This would probably explain the lack of a queue.

Submission - I fit in it, only with a massive push from a bigger and stronger than usual attendant. It was pretty damn tight though and the ride itself really wasn't comfortable, my shoulders were in a bit of pain! but like Ripsaw, that's apparently the norm for most people, again pertaining to the lack of queue for this ride.

Sonic Spinball - My third and final walk of shame. The restraint would simply not go down enough to satisfy the attendant and I was politely informed that I'd need to get out. Had the ride not broken down and stopped several times resulting in an hours queue time I'm sure I wouldn't have been that bothered!

As for all of the other rides (The Flume, Congo River Rapids, Runaway Mine Train etc). You'll have no problem fitting into any of them if you're a larger person.

So there you have it, just a little guide for any bigger people who are nervous about this kind of thing on these rides. I have to mention though that the attendants were all very polite and did try their best to accommodate me into the rides and always quietly informed me of any bad news. so props to them. Oh and if you're trying to force yourself into a normal Nemesis seat, do take care when trying to force in the metal buckle, the corners are a bit sharp and unforgiving.

So! Oblivion, ask for the bigger seat, front row 4th seat in (not on every carriage). Nemesis just get in row 4 and make use of the bigger seat. Avoid Air, Rita and Ripsaw if you have any doubts at all.

I hope my words are of some use to some of the folk out there. I know where I'll be going once I lose weight as although I enjoyed myself immensely yesterday, it's my fault I couldn't take part in everything this wonderful place had to offer. Now if only they could sort the prices out once you're in the park ;-)
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post Sep 30 2011, 5:48 PM
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Holy thread bump Batman!
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