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Chessington 14th Jul 09
post Jul 16 2009, 12:50 PM
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It was my first visit to Chessy and the first time Iíve visited a park during a busy period for a long time, let alone with several school trips. At the start of the day, I thought it added some atmosphere to Chessington, although as the day went on I couldnít wait for them to leave. On Billy Whizzerís they swung the chains round so the ride op had to undo them, one kid did it again once the ride op left him, by the time heíd gone round and come back the kid did it again, saying to the ride op that he kept spinning. I didnít realise how wet you could get on this as I thought it was just a light spray. I ended up soaked from pretty much every one of the jets, each getting a different part of my body.

Tomb Blaster is essentially like Duel, but with the cars joined together it makes it seemed more difficult to distinguish where your LED was compared to everyone elseís. I do love the themeing, and animatronics though, and that the cars turn/vibrate. Itís a nice touch to show ORPs at the end of the ride itself, but these seemed out of sync as it showed us the ORP of people on another train.

Park maps seemed to be thin on the ground, so we took the opportunity to explore the park from above using Peeking Heights to get an idea of where stuff was. Onto Vampire next, which had a one hour queue. A school kid was trying to convince his friends to queue jump with him, after heíd told a lot of people that he was trying to get to his friend further in the queue line. There was a lot of room between the queue line fence and the bushes which made this relatively easy for him, although thankfully his friends persuaded him not to push in. As for the ride itself, I thought that the first half was about as intense as Squirrel Nutty, it really shines after the second lift hill though, as the swinging momentum really builds up by the time youíre nearing the station offering quite a leg chopper.

Hocus Pocus Hall was interesting, partly as I assumed that it was a 4D cinema rather than a walk through. However, it was fun for what it was, with an interesting mirror maze at the end. We wandered through the Zoo (a lot of the areas were being refurbbed with animals either moved or out of sight altogether) and Sea Life (which looks near identical in layout to Sharkbait Reef but with less themeing). Next was the Runaway Train, the staff are nowhere near as energetic as RMT at Alton, which just highlights how much of a difference the staff make to the experience.

Thankfully, by this point, the little brats school kids were leaving so we went into a greatly shortened Dragons Fury queue, which was a really fun spinning coaster, with some amazing force, particularly going backwards down the first drop. I think I prefer this to Spinball actually. smile.gif Dragon Falls is another awesomely themed ride at the park, particularly entering the tunnel through the dragonís mouth and the safety announcements asking to keep Ďarms and regs in the boat... OK?í Unfortunately, it was slightly spoiled when a kid spat on me from the queueline bridge as we were just leaving the station in the boat. sad.gif

Inadvertently missing the entrance to Rattlesnake, we took the Safari Skyway to take a tour of the park. Quickly finding Rattlesnakeís queue line, it was virtually walk on. I virtually hate this coaster, the corners are just violent and hurt more than a fairground twister, making Wild Mouse at Pleasure Beach seem like a total contrast. The block brakes at the end were just as painful, as theyíre shop and throw you into the restraint.

Finally, I did Rameses Revenge alone, as my friend didnít want to get wet/be spun around. Unlike Ripsaw, you can choose whether to get wet or not by where you sit, as the fountains only reach the middle of the gondola. I chose the fifth seat from the left on the front row as I didnít want to be drowned for the train ride back to London. Itís literally an option of a total soaking or being bone dry, although I did get a little wet. This is probably the most extreme ride in the park, so I particularly love how they give you two different settings. The first is tame, but the second spins crazily, and holds the back row above the fountains for longer; thatís why I didnít want the back row as in the past when waterís gone up my nose for a moment on Ripsaw I felt like I was drowning.

Overall, I liked the park, the themeing and selection of rides is good for a childrens/family park. It felt like a cross between Pleasure Island Cleethorpes and Drayton Manor in terms of layout and general appearances. Iím not sure thereís a lot of re-ride value in a lot of the rides there, but would probably visit again, just perhaps not purposefully. Sorry about the lack of photos, I left my camera at the hotel back in London FTL. sad.gif

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